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Water Safety Education

AquaFins founder, Mr Danny Ong is an aquatic educator who advocate strongly on aquatic safety since the day he was involved in this field. He strongly believes in spreading and educating water safety message to the community. He echoes the zero drowning vision in the world through drowning prevention and water safety education.

Water safety begins with you. Do your part by reading our resources and help to spread this important message to your loved ones and friends. Together, we could increase more awareness on water safety and spread the important message that drowning is preventable.

In this safety page, the safety messages are divided into 10 parts.

  • Part 1 - Buddy system when participating sports

  • Part 2 - Aqua Code in, on or near water

  • Part 3 - Water Safety at Home

  • Part 4 - Water Safety at Pool

  • Part 5 - Water Safety at Open water

  • Part 6 - Safety Signage at Pool / Open water

  • Part 7 - Sun Protection Education

  • Part 8 - The important of hydration during sport activity/event

  • Part 9 - The Safety 3, Water Safety Message from USA

  • Part 10 - The ABC of Pool Safety

  • Part 11 - Useful Links

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