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"Thank you Danny from the Fairclough Family for your generosity of spirit in sharing your talent and time so willingly to make this wish happen.

Chelsea's spirit has been totally transformed since we started this project and has resulted in her being much happier at school, getting better grades again and she has started to engage her peers and develop a social life – magical.

Thank You and god bless"

Mother of Chelsea

"A very dedicated and passionate trainer in aquatic movement. Danny is able to apply his expertise in aquatic movement to children with special needs through appropriate adaptation to his programme. He proved to us that aquatic movement benefits all, even children with severe disabilities. He is indeed a blessing to our pupils.

Danny is able to create and tailor his workshop according to the learning needs and profile of his participants. He is an expert in aquatic movement and is able to communicate and share his knowledge to the participants effectively. His practical session enhances the thereotical learning."

Ms Hannah Fan
Head of Physical Education
AWWA School

"Joel is fortunate to be trained by Danny who understands sensory issues faced by autistic kids. He is professional too. I recommended him to my friends.

No water phobia and he is enjoying putting his face under water (initially Joel could not). He takes Danny's instructions well."

Mrs Seow, Mother of Joel

"Danny is very frank and open about my girl's ability; which is very commendable as this will help all (parties) to try workout the possible for my girl. Thanks.

The Individual Aquatic Plan allows the instructor to schedule program(s) that suits each student perfectly which is very important for the children development."

Ms Jamilah Ong, Mother of Alma

"Your programme is excellent but a good programme would be nothing without good trainers. Not only do they (the trainers) execute the programme well but the most important thing is – they do it with love. They enjoy what they are doing and so do the kids. More importantly, they do that by respecting each individual child's needs. In addition, your trainers are engaging, firm yet approachable and they seem to have infinite patience.

As parents, we are both delighted with Gerald's progress since starting lessons with AquaFins. Danny is a skilful trainer and his friendly disposition and ability to establish a good rapport with Gerald is available in helping him to gain Gerald's trust. Gerald used to have phobia of the water but he has since overcome his fears of water and immersing his head under water just after a few lessons.

The Individual Aquatic Plan was a useful follow up activities for us.
I commend your trainers for making learning fun and sharing all the innovative ways to help develop our child into a confident budding swimmer. Last but not least, we would like to applaud Danny and Mei for creating a conducive atmosphere where their charges are motivated to maximise their potential and cultivate their strengths."

Harry & Cindy, Parents of Gerald

"I am very glad that my child is able to master the "froggy" (Breaststroke) well and the freestyle (Front Crawl) under the teaching of Danny."
Cindy Toh, Parent of Gracia

"Trainer, Danny is friendly and approachable that's why I have learnt well swimming and I improved. I never found difficulties to approach him especially when I have questions about swimming. The lesson made me realized to believe in myself and my capabilities and also swim in correct way. Trainer has a unique way of teaching."
Sher Ann S. Pancho, Caregiver of Bishan Home

"Trainer, Danny is so friendly that is effective point in learning. So I can learn the program without anxiety and stress. This swimming program is also a life saving program."
Hnin Shwe Sin Thein, Caregiver of Bishan Home

"Trainer, Danny always makes sure that you will not be felt embarrassed every time you got mistakes. He is very patient in teaching and correcting mistakes in a very nice way. And aside from those, our trainer always increasing our self-esteem for always telling "You can Do it.." and always giving good remarks even for the simplest improvement.

The best thing in here is that I have realized that you will be safe in the water as long as you learn how to appreciate it and of course no matter what "Don't Panic"

I would recommend AquaFins for their unique, friendly, patient and safe way of teaching. "

Joan Panlo, Caregiver of Bishan Home

"Dear Danny

This year has been great for Clement. In school he has improved academically, and also in physical activities / programs in gym, roller skating and PE.

I am happy to note also his improvement in swimming. Whereas previously he used to swim wildly with no purposeful strokes or direction, and is hard to control in the pool, now, thanks to you he's able to listen to instruction to stroke, kick and float on his back for the requested time periods."

Ellen, Parent of Clement

"Dear Danny

You gave a wonderful presentation. Autism makes sense to me after your enlightening presentation. Please continue to give more such presentation as there is so more to be learned about kids with autism."

Henry Tan
Assistant Director, CCA Sports, Education Programmes Division

"Jonathan managed to conquer the fear of water with the help of Coach, Danny"
Mr & Mrs Teo, Parents of Jonathan

"Harith has improved his water safety knowledge. Noticed he is able to understand more on "taking turn". He definitely improves in communicating and social behaviour.

He is enjoying swimming and has more confidence. It is great to see him having fun and learning water safety"

Noorhuda Yunos, Mother of Harith

"Thank you so much to Coach Danny for making this opportunity to Emmanuel to benefit from his favourite sport, swimming."
Adrian Lim, Father of Emmanuel